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For my second review on gaming applications, another of my favorites, Markus Mertama's C2Doom.

Software Download
The core version can be downloaded here

The core version is "game only", by default only a shareware episode is started.

My Review
C2Doom is an application that allows gamers to play games such as Doom I & II or custom games created by others. Once again, with the keyboard and wide screen, the E90 is able to deliver an experience very similar to playing Doom on a computer. The graphics, speed and sound are all very good and exactly the same as on a computer. One exception is that when playing with the E90's internal screen, information such as health, ammo, etc can't be seen unless you want to sacrifice some screen space.

Tips & Tricks
In my opinion, the original controls set for the E90 keyboard don't work so well. Because of that, I reconfigured the keys to play as a normal first person shooter would play.

W = Move forward
X = Move backward
A = Strafe left
D = Strafe right

E = Use

Navigation left = Turn left
Navigation right = Turn right
Navigation center = Fire

The custom key configuration files can be downloaded here

After installing the application, the folder C:\c2doom would be created (E:\c2doom if you chose to install in your memory card). In this folder there would be 2 files, c2doomkeys_itu-t.txt and c2doomkeys_qwerty.txt. Replace c2doomkeys_qwerty.txt with the file I have provided.

Next run the game once and close the application. There would be a new folder created C:\c2doom\doom1. In this folder there would be the file .doomrc. Replace this file with the one I provided.

A reminder to everyone,in my settings I have turned off the sound, so for those that want music and sound, just turn them up in the game menu.

Note: This can't be done with the normal File Manager so I suggest downloading a file explorer application such as Lonely Cat Games X-Plore. There are other file explorers out there, but I prefer X-plore.

Finally, this is the link to a forum where you can download WAD files for those who have the full version of C2Doom.

Reviewed Version - v1.12


Hey :)
Finally I have my phone. I was trying to get c2doom. Depend of which version I was trying to install I run against some different problems. If you could send an e-mail to skorpias[at] I will write more details.

May 28, 2008 at 2:35 AM  

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