Today I shall be reviewing an application from Nokia which is Nokia Podcasting. The application allows you to download audio or video podcasts from their library or from your own links.

Software Download
The application can be downloaded here

It is of course, free to use.

My Review
When I first obtained my Nokia E90, I was looking for an application that allowed me to download videos onto my phone and watch them when I had the time to. Well, within the first few weeks of using this device, I came along Nokia Podcasting.

Before using this application, I was not so interested in podcasts and I rarely went looking for good links or anything. But luckily for me, this application provides a directory of podcasts for me to browse.

As pictured above, the podcast directories are separated into four categories. Since I prefer videos rather than audio, I browsed around the directories looking for good quality video podcasts. Most of those videos can be found under Video -> Video (N93 /N95 Compatible).

One thing I like about the program is the ability to simultaneously download multiple files at once. This means that you can leave the application running in the background to download any files you want. You can even leave your phone plugged into the charger and have it downloading overnight.

Although there is a large library in there, it seems that the directories have not been updated in some time. Apart from that, certain video podcasts are too high in quality that even the E90 cannot handle properly. For example, the National Geographic video podcasts.

For those who like listening to or watching podcasts, this is a must have application. You might find something interesting in the directories or you can use your phone as a mobile podcast downloader. Either way, it's free to download, so give it a try.

Reviewed Version - v1.00.3


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