Noiseware: Noise Begone

Instead of a game or software review for the E90, today I shall be reviewing a PC software, Imagenomic Noiseware which really helps in removing noise from photos taken with the E90.

Software Download
The application can be downloaded here

There are several versions available for download including a community version which is free to use.

My Review
Since the advent of camera phones people have taken photos. And since then, there has been noise in our photos whether we like it or not. There are several reasons why we get noise in our photos. I'm no camera expert but this is what I think: they could range from the underpowered flash, low sensitivity of the camera sensor or other reasons. But whatever the reason, there is a software available to us now to reduce the noise in our pictures.

If you see from the two images above, the 2nd one has less noise after using the application. You might need to open both the pictures in full screen to notice the difference. Once, you do, you can see that the 2nd picture looks better but is a little bit blur compared to the 1st. Although it has become blur in order to reduce noise, it still looks good and if you print the photo out, I believe it would be better than the one with noise.

I hope everyone would give it a try as it can do wonders for certain photos. I have tested this on some Sony Ericsson K750i pictures also and they turned out pretty good. I think this software can really help on night photos since those are usually the ones with the most noise.

Note: I spent almost an hour trying to take photos with a lot of noise in it while still using the default settings of the camera (Which means I didn't purposely turn off the flash or set it to night mode). But it was quite hard to take a picture with lots of noise.


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