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Time for my first software review... Today I'll be reviewing one of my most used applications, which is Lonely Cat Games X-plore, a file manger.

Software Download
The application can be downloaded here

The software is free to use without any limitations, but you would need to purchase the application to remove the nag screen when you start and close the application. It's just about a 3 second wait, so it isn't so bad.

My Review
Although S60 phones already have a built in file manager, there are some missing functionalities. With X-plore, most of these voids are filled.

The first advantage is that X-plore can view system folders in phone memory. As you can see from the screen shots, there are some folders missing when viewing files with the default file manager. The default file manager only shows files within the C:\Data folder while X-plore shows the folders within C:\.

Second, X-plore provides a built-in image and text viewer. The screen shots above shows a .doc file being opened. It is quite fast in opening images and documents even if they are quite large. One thing I like about the text viewer is that it remembers where you last stopped. This means that if you were reading a document until the second page, the next time you open the document with X-plore, it would start from the second page. Documents can also be edited with the text viewer, but don't expect it to have the formatting abilities of Quick Office or other office applications.

Moving on, one nice feature is that the application can be password protected. This means that you can prevent anyone from opening the application unless they have the password. Good for those who don't want others snooping around their files.

Some other features I like with the application are:

  • The ability to send .sis files to other devices (The default file manager can't)
  • The ability to set quick folders (You can jump to specific folders using shortcuts)
  • There are shortcuts assigned to numbers. E.g.
    • 1 - Copy file
    • 2 - Move file
Reviewed Version - v1.13

v1.20 - A new version of X-plore is out and it has a basic audio and video player that lets you listen to audio or watch movies from within the application. Apart from that, it can open Word 2007 files.


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